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A psychologist's roadmap to end the struggle between parents and tweens and teens

-Go from power struggle to cooperation.
-Have peaceful interactions
-Feel equipped to move past the struggle
-Restore the relationship 

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Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, a pediatric psychologist and parent coach will deliver the 3 ingredients to help parents of teens and tweens find a different and more effective way to connect with their children so their tweens and teens entrust them with their things and respect their decisions.

Understanding Tweens & Teens
Knowing more about adolescent development and identifying what they really need from their parents during their big behaviors so they actually open up with their things instead of shutting down or saying rude things. 
Restoring The Relationship
How to develop the skills parents need to show up differently as a parent to a tween or teen so instructions turn into cooperation and not into power struggles.

Building Them Up For Success
How to support a teen or tween with any diagnosis, struggle, or challenge even if their parents or caregivers are on completely different pages so they are able to thrive in any environment.

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart

Hi! I'm a pediatric psychologist, parent coach and Board Certified in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.
I am an author, a national speaker and a contributor for PBS Kids for Parents, PureWow and The Gottman Institute.
I also serve as a board member for the Verywell Review Board.
I help parents who have kids and teens with behavioral and emotional regulation concerns, those diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety, as well as kids/teens who are highly sensitive. I focus on helping parents adjust their mindset about parenting, so they can parent with purpose, grace, and intentionality.
You won't find many resources online about teens that focus on
repairing and redeeming the relationship with them. It may be too cliché, but experience is the best teacher; we just have to know which experience teaches the best lesson. I want parents to approach their parent-teen relationships in a different way and from a completely new perspective. Fighting a never ending battle with our teen doesn't change them, nor does it win the war.
It just prolongs it... and destroys the parent-teen relationship.
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